Monday, April 19, 2010

First Fail In Quilting

As a newer quilter (summer/fall '09) I've been pretty much following patterns from "experienced and professional" quilters.  

This past weekend I wanted to branch out and do my own pattern. It couldn't be that hard, right?

I had a Nostalgia layer cake I've had in my stash that I've been itching to make into a quilt for a birthday gift.

I wanted something kinda special and not just sashing around plain squares. And I wanted something larger than a lap sized quilt.

I searched through traditional blocks that I could make from one layer cake, add some yardage fabric for the border and backing, and ta-da, a quilt., ta-da.  : /

Yea, it didn't work quite like I had in mind.

There wasn't enough cream colored squares to match with a print square.  I had the four remaining squares that I matched to make the two U-G-L-Y blocks.

The other blocks are the SO-SOs.  I'm afraid the remaining squares will also result in SO-SO blocks too.

On to "Plan B".  Only I don't have a "Plan B".

I do have an incomplete layer cake now.  {sigh}

Please excuse me now.

I have to go figure out how to get a quilt out of a partial layer cake.


Megan said...

No! Not a fail!! Honest to goodness, sash those squares (even the ones you don't like) with a cream border, and they'll be gorgeous! Or, sew the "outtake squares" into the backing. I did a small Nostalgia quilt last fall and had some problems working with the prints "right out of the box", too. The contrast between the prints wasn't nearly as stark as what I've seen with other collections. So I ended up with an overall medium-tone shabby-chic looking quilt. Not what I was expecting when I started, but it's growing on me.

Paula Lynn said...

Thanks for your suggestion, Megan! I'm a fan of your blog. :) I agree--not enough contrast in the prints. I did think about what you suggested but I was already disappointed and was afraid that I still would of been unsatisfied with it. I've since cut my layer cake down to charms (eek! what a waste) and now I'm sewing them into a modified 9 patch. I'ma likin' it so far. :)