Friday, April 2, 2010

Fabric Buying Freeze - Oh My!

My Hunny, kids, and I have a summer vacation planned to drive approximately 18 hours to Holden Beach, North Carolina.  My Hunny and I are in our mid-40's and have never been to a beach...any beach.

So the family is on a strict budget until we go.  Saving for a sun-filled, relaxing week.  Basically, we are only eating and drinking this...

and this.

Definitely, positively, none of this is allowed in the budget.

And that makes me VERY unhappy.  Especially when fellow bloggers tempt me with the information of sales like at Craft Town Fabrics.  And it's charms, oh boy!

Lord, please give me strength to resist because you know I really, really like charm packs. And especially when they are on sale.

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