Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break Vacation--Check

Ohhhh, it was a nice spring break getaway.  Not too short and not too long--just right.

It was Silver Dollar City's 50th Anniversary.

We timed visiting Branson, Missouri and Silver Dollar City at just the right time. It was Young Christians' Weekend at Silver Dollar City.  In addition to the theme park excitement we were treated to christian bands, Decemberadio, Lincoln Brewster, and 33miles. And youth speaker, Doug Compton.

Doug spoke at our church camp a few years ago and when we talked to him Saturday, he mentioned that he will be at our church camp again this year in July.  He is a funny dude and kids love his "Dum, Dum" song.  More importantly, he gives a good message and youth hear him.

Hunny and the kids did manage to get me to ride the rides with them.  I'm not a huge fan but I can handle it--what I can't handle is waiting in the long lines.  Especially when the adult person behind you keeps bumping into you while you're waiting.  Pet peeve alert--I get a wee bit cranky. 

Give me a bench and I'll hold all the cell phones, etc. and watch people.  I'm happy.  People watching is very entertaining.  They are riding and I'm people watching.  : ) 

Just as I suspected.  Yup.  Didn't miss quilting after we arrived in Branson because we stayed on the go the entire time.  I was able to stop at one quilt shop and only one.  Hunny and kids vetoed any other quilt shops.  Well, not so much as vetoed as tried to embarrass and harass me until all the joy of the quilt shop splendor was gone.

...what we do for our family.

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