Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Greasy, Grimy Buildup---No Problem!

Have I got a great cleaning tip for you on cleaning up greasy, grimy buildup you get in the kitchen.

Yep, it's Spray 'n Wash.

In the middle of my spring cleaning mode I was cleaning the cabinet doors above my stove and it was getting all gummy and nasty cleaning with my rag and bucket of water and cleaner.

I started going through different cleaners I had in the house thinking that there is something better than what I was using.

Ta da! Eureka! I found it!

Spray 'n Wash. Spray it and wipe with a damp rag or sponge.


Easy peasy and it smells great, too!

I have stained and sealed cabinets and they cleaned up with no problems to the finish.

I also used it to clean the grime off of the top of my refrigerator.

***NOTE: Double check your cabinets first on the inside of a rarely used cabinet door to be sure.***

Fast and easy = more time for quilting!

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